Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cell Phone Spy- How to Spy on Text Messages

The cellphone spy program is being promoted by websites on the internet as the bugging device for parents and lovers who want to know what their loved ones are up to.

For a small fee, anyone can spy on cell phone text messages, or even record cell phone conversations right from their home computer.

Parents consider cellphone monitoring as a preventive tool to watch over their kids activities, verify their locations, and see who they are hanging around with.

Disenhearted lovers who use mobile phone spying defend it as a way to keep tabs on their significant other when they think there may be an affair or, other people involved in their relationship where secrets are being kept from them.

Incredibly, cellphone spying is a legal cellular eavesdropping device with no federal regulations. (at least not yet)

This opens the door to not just family members who want to keep tabs on their loved ones, but also to anyone else who wants to be a mobile phone spy.

Think corporate espionage, or even National Security here.

The internet websites promoting this service have no regulations and to use their programs, all the cellular spy user has to do is log onto their home computer or laptop and type in the phone number of the person they want to spy on.

In seconds they are reading the other persons private text information, or listening in on private conversations.

Another feature of the cellular eavesdropping program is after it's installed, the user can turn on the phone of any other person and listen in on their live conversations without the other person ever knowing.

One more feature of the cellphone spy service is the GPS program. Once this is installed the user can easily locate the person they are looking for on a map from their computer.

Finding a cell phone spy program is as easy as going online and using any Google web browser to type in the words "CellPhone Spy".

On the results page they'll find an assortment of cell phone surveillance, or cellphone tapping ads, which will then lead them to the cellular spy websites where they can choose to purchase programs for reading text, or cellular phone tapping to record or listen in on conversations.

The cellphone spy websites offer a one time user fee, or a 1 year unlimited use fee, which allows the user to mobile phone spy on anyone at anytime they choose.

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